Where’s our Winners?

We’re calling all of our past winners out! We’d love to see a pic of you and your prize (whatever it is)!

We’d like to make a “Winner’s Page” and display all of our lucky¬† winners there, for all of eternity (or until December 22, 2012). Send your photo to couchpotatocast@gmail.com or TwitPic it and throw us a link on Twitter (@couchpotatocast).

Thanks for your help – don’t forget to keep listening for more awesome giveaways and the best podcasting this side of the Milky Way!


  • Thanks to those of you that have sent in your pictures. We like to see who’s listening to us. Please keep ’em coming. < Jeff

  • Tdboltz

    Still looking for more winner pics. Thanks to those of you that have sent yours in.