Sylar action figure giveaway! (SDCC w/e only!)

(UPDATE: Contest Closed, thanks for playing!)

Are you at San Diego Comic Con this weekend? Plan on rubbing elbows w/ your favorite celebs and artist from the geek realm?

Get us a damn bumper! Seriously 🙂

If you can get ANY guest of #SDCC to call our voice-mail (949)436-SPUD, and give us a bumper… You’re entered to win a Sylar (HEROES) action figure from Jeff.

Not at #SDCC? Don’t worry, you can play too! It’ll just be harder.

Need an example of a bumper? Read on, true believers.

“Hi this is __________ , (from _______) and you’re listening to Joe & Jeff on the Couch Potato Podcast! <Whatever else they’d like to say>

“Hello, this is ___________, and I always start my day w/ two heaping scoops of Jeff & Joe on the Couch Potato Podcast!”

“Hey, this is _____ – WTF is a Couch Potato Podcast?”

You get the point, whatever the bumper is –just make sure they say their name 🙂
Now that you’ve gotten a bumper, leave a comment and say who you’ve gotten a bumper from. Or you can tweet us!


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