Summer Movies 2017 – CPP 104


Summer Movies 2017

Recorded June 24, 2017

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What’s new since the last episode?

  • Gadget/Tech stuff – Jeff’s New Funko related addiction (I have a problem) [2:00]

FEEDBACK [14:35]

Steve in NM 



@Shawnzulma & @Khaled 

Dead or Not Dead: Batman Edition in honor of Adam West’s’s recent passing. [16:36]

Summer Movies of 2017

Who says you can’t judge a movie by it’s trailer?


  • Guardians 2 81% FuckMatoes, 8.1 IMDB, ($146m opening) $374m/$200m
  • Wonder Woman 92% FuckMatoes, 8.1 IMDB, ($103m opening) $233m/$149m
  • Baywatch 19% FuckMatoes, 5.8 IMDB, ($18m opening) $55m/$69m
  • The Mummy 15% FuckMatoes, 5.8 IMDB, ($31m opening) $42m/$125m


Box office totals reflect USA only – Worldwide totals not figured in.

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