The Death of a Prince

The Death of a Prince


Joe and I were very saddened to hear of the VERY untimely death of a musician that was most certainly under appreciated. A man whose looks defied the ages. A guitar player whose skills were on par with, if not surpassing, most of today’s (and yesterday’s) players. A man that was one with his instrument and knew how to put on a SHOW.

While he my not have been everyone’s “cup of tea”,  Prince’s untimely passing will, most certainly, prove to be more deeply felt than other “Kings” or “Queens” of Pop. No matter the cause of your passing, you lived your life without hurting others, a life mostly out of the spotlight, and you took a stand against the music industry, all the while continuing to do what you loved, which was make great music.

History will remember your Super Bowl halftime show as one for the ages, one that future Superbowls will most certainly try to emulate, but will never duplicate.

The afterworld is jamming tonight and these two SPUDS bid you adieu.

You most definitely were a Prince!


Joe and Jeff


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