Green Lantern (2011) Trailer

Here’s a great mid-week surprise! Reynolds still seems like his comical self in this one. Green Lantern suit looks superb, and I don’t think they could have picked a better Hal Jordan.  Take a look at the trailer and then comment below w/ what you thought of it.

Edit: 11/18/10: Hope you got a chance to see it cause it’s been removed from YouTube already 🙁
Edit: 11/22/10: Found another one, hopefully it will be around a while. Enjoy!
[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=8NWGl_A3b60 width=720 height=480 anchor=]


  • Saw the preview at Harry Potter this weekend – total awesomeness!!

  • Boughtbroke

    Makes me feel the way the Tron trailer did… I ‘should’ like this, I hope I do end up liking it… but… I Want to like it.

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