Comic Con 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010So now that you’ve had a few days to digest all the news from the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, we’d love to hear your thoughts. What new movie or TV show are you most excited about? Our 16th birthday episode is coming soon and we want it to be chock full of Comic Con geekness. Give us your thoughts here by commenting below, or tweet us here. Better yet, call in your responses to the Spudline: 949-436-SPUD (7783).

Again, we apologize for the delay in getting our 16th birthday episode, but hey, we’re spoiled brats that can do anything we want.
Our daddies said so!

Dexter season 5 trailer

Mark your calendars! Dexter returns on September 26th.  Check out the trailer for season 5 below.

The Party’s Not Over (YET)!

Party Down Cancelled

As you may have heard by now, Starz has decided not to renew Party Down for a third season. This is your chance to sound off. Leave your comments about Party Down and we will forward them to the powers that be. We have no delusions that our 6 listeners will force them to change their mind but we’re using our soapbox to let ’em know we are PISSED! So have at it! Post your comments below.

MK Reboot! Real or Fake?

Any Mortal Kombat fans out there? What do you think… real or fake?

For best results, watch this in HD.


Anyone read this? Oh well, here goes…

Jeff and I are working on new episodes this weekend and we’ll be publishing very soon. Here’s a few reminders for you fine listeners:

Our PARTY DOWN contest will be ending soon, so get those tweets and/or reviews in.

Have an idea or topic for the couch? Call our voice mail 949-436-SPUD (7783). We LOVE feedback, questions, and signs of life.


OMG, I Can’t Wait For The HTC INCREDIBLE on April 29

This phone looks frickin’ awesome. And to have it on the best wireless network is even better. Yes, the iPhone is cool but I can’t get that. Besides, I like to be different! I want this phone NOW. But, alas, I will have to wait until April 29th to get my hands on it. I can’t even pre-order as my plan already has a data plan but I am using Wifey’s account to upgrade. Don’t want to buy a data plan for her as she won’t ever use it. So, 6 more days and then JOY! Check out this video to see why I’m geekin’ out!

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