The Death of a Prince

The Death of a Prince


Joe and I were very saddened to hear of the VERY untimely death of a musician that was most certainly under appreciated. A man whose looks defied the ages. A guitar player whose skills were on par with, if not surpassing, most of today’s (and yesterday’s) players. A man that was one with his instrument and knew how to put on a SHOW.

While he my not have been everyone’s “cup of tea”,  Prince’s untimely passing will, most certainly, prove to be more deeply felt than other “Kings” or “Queens” of Pop. No matter the cause of your passing, you lived your life without hurting others, a life mostly out of the spotlight, and you took a stand against the music industry, all the while continuing to do what you loved, which was make great music.

History will remember your Super Bowl halftime show as one for the ages, one that future Superbowls will most certainly try to emulate, but will never duplicate.

The afterworld is jamming tonight and these two SPUDS bid you adieu.

You most definitely were a Prince!


Joe and Jeff

Heroes Reborn Podcast

Well, it’s happening.  Our unofficial Heroes Reborn Podcast, Heroescast 2.0, is alive and kicking.  It’s not yet available in iTunes (but soon will be). But to hear the inaugural episode head over to and give it a listen before the Septbember 24th two hour premier of Heroes Reborn on NBC.


Call to Spuds: We’re still here!

Hey, Spuds! It’s 12/21/12 and we’re all still here. Looks like I have to make those December CapitalOne payments after all.

“We’re still here” isn’t just a reference to the End of the World, it’s a message to you, the listener, from us. Episode 58 is right around the corner, but we need some help. Your help, to be exact. Do us a favor and call the SPUD LINE (949)436-SPUD (7783)  today (12/21/12) about any of the following topics:

  • Your Christmas wish
  • What’s the one gift you hope to open on Christmas morning?
  • How’s 2012 been to you?
  • Were you obsessively watching the “Countdown to Apocalypse” on History Channel?
  • When do YOU think the world will end?
  • What are you looking forward to in 2013?
  • -Or just call in say hello!

So don’t worry – WE HAVEN POD FADED, and we never will. We’ll see you at episode 58!

Call in today! (949)436-SPUD (7783)

Words With Spuds (How you SHOULD be playing Words With Friends)


I  haven’t been playing Words With Friends long, but I’m already addicted. Yet also burned out. Burned out on words like QI, QIS and fucking QAT all landing on a triple word tile. After playing this game for a week or so, we came up with a new way to play –the Couch Potato Podcast Way.

Here are the rules:

1. You can only use words from Movie titles.
1a. You can only use the FIRST or LAST word from the title. If the movie starts with “A”, “The”, An”, etc.. use the second & last word.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” – Playable words are LOCK & BARRELS. First and last, see how easy it is?
The Hunt for Red October” – Playable words are HUNT & OCTOBER.
TITAN A.E” – Playable words are TITAN & AE (Yes, AE works in WWF).

2. If you can’t make a word you have to PASS or SWAP your letters. 

3. If you use a word that doesn’t comply with rule #1, you skip 2 turns. No swapping letters, just PASS.

4. Use the chat window to call out the title you’re playing. Movies only. 

At any rate, that’s how we play. How do you play? Do you have your own House Rules when it comes to WWF? Sound off in the comment section below or e-mail us

6 Reasons We Don’t Have a New Episode (YET)

Hello Spud-nation!

Jeff and I have been trying very hard to record and release an episode for you guys. We’ve tried several times in the last two weeks, but LIFE has reared it’s ugly head a few times too many. So here’s SIX (semi-good) reasons we haven’t released an episode yet:

  • PEOPLE: They keep wanting to socialize with Joe on prime-time recording nights, making it impossible to sit down w/ Jeff.
  • MODERATION: While socializing in the real world, Joe sometimes forgets the “Liquor before Beer” rule. This renders him “inaudible”, for lack of a better word.
  • SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM: Joe’s in Atlanta, and Jeff is in California. The 3 hour time difference SUCKS. (Jeff can’t get drunk at 12pm -well, he could… but that would suck).
  • RIFT: It’s a game, and it’s incredibly addictive.
  • BATTERIES: Fuck batteries. I’ll explain: We were 50% through episode 40 and the battery on Joe’s recording device died somewhere in the middle of a rant.
  • QUALITY: We could release a fluffed 30 minute episode where we talk about the wonderful flavors of Sobe waters and go on & on about “How awesome BSG toast tastes (spit-slur)”. But we won’t do that to you guys. Our Spuds deserve only the finest, high-quality drunk discussions two guys ever had over the interwebs.
But don’t worry, Spuds. We’re saying “fuck it!” to the cosmos and getting shit done. We’ve got some great stuff coming up. So hang in there, grab a beer and pull up some couch -because THE SPUDS ARE BACK!

Comment, Tweet and Share to show your allegiance! 

Comic Con 2011

Didn’t make it Comic Con this year. No Worries, WE GOT YOUR BACK! Jeff went and hung out with Spuddy, Rick from Virginia. It was a great experience although it was frickin’ craziness and mayhem. That’s just too many damn people in one place! Here’s some of what you missed. Be sure to catch episode 39 of the Couch Potato Podcast to hear Jeff’s thoughts on this year’s Comic Con.

Here are some of the pics taken by Jeff:

(he was too lazy to bring a tripod)!

To get us started and just for Laura, here’s the Chuck Panel:

Conan O’brien crashes the Green Lantern Panel:

Sparacus: Vengance:

Game of Thrones:

The Walking Dead part 1:

The Walking Dead part 2:

The Walking Dead part 3:

The Walking Dead part 4:

The Walking Dead part 5:

The Big Bang Theory part 1:

The Big Bang Theory part 2:

The Big Bang Theory part 3:

The Big Bang Theory part 4:

The Big Bang Theory part 5:

The Big Bang Theory part 6:

COSPLAY Craziness:

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