Win a Falling Skies Hat

You Could Win One of These

Watch Falling Skies on TNT (If you haven’t already) or you can download it from iTunes. Then call in your thoughts to the SPUD Line: 949-436-7783. You can also email your thoughts on the premier to Even if you don’t want a hat, we’re curious to hear what you thought about the 2 hour premier this week. You have until 12 Noon Pacific Time on Friday, June 24th, 2011 to get your reviews in. One random winner will be chosen from all entries. Offer good only for Continental U.S. only (Sorry but shipping is outrageous these days).

#FollowFriday Winner – Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Hotwheel

Our #FollowFriday was @JLEVESQUE 929 back in early September. She won the Ecto 1 (seen here) for including us on her #FF picks, and by retweeting our special tweet.

Since Joe was so frakkin’ late sending the car our, he threw in some Ghostbusters II trading cards (from 1988).

We told Jackie NOT to chew the gum, but did she listen?

Party Down contest Winners

We gave away 5 copies of PARTY DOWN season 1 on DVD. Some of them were kind enough to send us a picture.

(Above:) Party Down season 1 DVD Winner, Leyla (Cincinnati, OH)
(Below:) Party Down season 1 DVD Winner, Nathan (Rego Park, NY)

Another Party Down Winner: Stephen

Stephen’s Dog Also Has GREAT Taste in TV

We’re still looking for pics from other winners. Send them to

No feedback BITES!

Win this Shirt!

In honor of the (semi-new) PIRANHA 3D movie, we’re giving away this PIRANHA tank-top! Tank top size is LARGE. We only have one to give away, so we’re getting a little creative with our contest this time.

How to WIN:

There are 2 ways to enter (and doing both will get you 2 entries!)

Mainly, we want to hear from you!

***Don’t forget to e-mail us after you’ve submitted a review. This way we know who’s who and how many entries you’ll get into the contest.

Where’s our Winners?

We’re calling all of our past winners out! We’d love to see a pic of you and your prize (whatever it is)!

We’d like to make a “Winner’s Page” and display all of our lucky  winners there, for all of eternity (or until December 22, 2012). Send your photo to or TwitPic it and throw us a link on Twitter (@couchpotatocast).

Thanks for your help – don’t forget to keep listening for more awesome giveaways and the best podcasting this side of the Milky Way!

Sylar action figure giveaway! (SDCC w/e only!)

(UPDATE: Contest Closed, thanks for playing!)

Are you at San Diego Comic Con this weekend? Plan on rubbing elbows w/ your favorite celebs and artist from the geek realm?

Get us a damn bumper! Seriously 🙂

If you can get ANY guest of #SDCC to call our voice-mail (949)436-SPUD, and give us a bumper… You’re entered to win a Sylar (HEROES) action figure from Jeff.

Not at #SDCC? Don’t worry, you can play too! It’ll just be harder.

Need an example of a bumper? Read on, true believers.

“Hi this is __________ , (from _______) and you’re listening to Joe & Jeff on the Couch Potato Podcast! <Whatever else they’d like to say>

“Hello, this is ___________, and I always start my day w/ two heaping scoops of Jeff & Joe on the Couch Potato Podcast!”

“Hey, this is _____ – WTF is a Couch Potato Podcast?”

You get the point, whatever the bumper is –just make sure they say their name 🙂
Now that you’ve gotten a bumper, leave a comment and say who you’ve gotten a bumper from. Or you can tweet us!

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