Arsefaces on Azeroth – CPP101



Arsefaces on Azeroth

Recorded July 6, 2016

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  • Father’s Day Recap
  • Ecto Cooler is back, but good luck getting any! [4:21]
    • Amazon Pantry has it sometimes, but it’s scalped so quickly it doesn’t matter.
    • ectocoolerNew ecto-cooler doesn’t look like the original 
  • Joe does:
    • Vegas! [7:09]
      • Favorite waste of money: the Game of Thrones slot machine
        • Watch someone trigger the bonuses: 
    • The Grand-Effing-Canyon!
    • Hiking  – Hiked Stone Mountain on 4th of July – fitbit goal crushed! 
    • Pedicure? [10:33]
  • Jeff and Joe return to Azeroth [13:04]

Feedback: From Twitter: Ep 100 comments [13:59]


  • Casual (Hulu) [36:21]
    • New Listener (number 7 aka BuffyFan14)
    • Is HULU worth cutting the cord?

MOVIES: [42:48]

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane 
  • Warcraft [46:03]
    • Enjoyable if you’re familiar with the games or lore
    • NOT another “game-to-movie flop” as some folks have quickly branded it
    • Brilliant strategy to get people back on the game (worked on us)

Joe’s latest dinner plan: Hello Fresh [53:18]

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Muiscal Interlude provided by artist Ketsa under Creative Commons Licensing


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