6 Smokin’ Hot reasons to love the New Fall season

1. Ashley Tisdale (Savannah Munroe, Hellcats) This is a cleverly disguised chick-show on The CW. Think NBC’s ‘Community’ meets ‘Bring It On’. If Ashley here isn’t enough to get you to tune in… there is no hope for you, my friend.

2. Taylor Cole (Vicky Wallace, The Event) The hot chick in this photo IS NOT THE EVENT… but she should be! No one knows what the Event is, but we’re sick and tired of hearing what it’s NOT!

Here’s a preview of The Event, premieres 9/20 on NBC

3. Autumn Reeser (Katie Andrews, No Ordinary Family) ABC’s Fantastic Four ‘No Ordinary Family’ was looking pretty tame until we realized Autumn here was in it. She doesn’t have any super powers… unless being a ridiculously hot lab tech and comic book geek counts.

4. Maggie Q (Nikita, The CW’s Nikita) First it was a movie, then a TV show… and now it’s another TV show? I’ll admit, at the first glance of this photo, I thought this was going to be a Vampirella show or something. I had no idea someone was actually going to reignite the Nikita franchise. After seeing the series premiere, I’ll be tuning in regularly to see Maggie Q kicking ass and taking names.

5. Carly Pope (Lucinda Pearl, Outlaw) Thank the heavens, I don’t have to stare at Jimmy Smits for an hour. I was starting to worry about this show. Why didn’t NBC cast her as the main character? At any rate, Carly plays a “wildly unorthodox private investigator who uses her sex appeal and wit to gather information” according to NBC’s character bio. Sounds good to me!

6. Shannon Woodward (Sabrina, Raising Hope) Shannon plays the really, really, smoking hot cashier that helps the village idiot with his new-found baby in ‘Raising Hope’. The show looks fucking hilarious, but Shannon will be the main reason we’ll tune in. Did I mention she’s hot?


  • LOL, Are you really *that* surprised? 🙂 We’d love to see your list! Get it together and I’ll post it here for ya 🙂

  • Jlevesque929

    I just laughed at all the chicks. You need a female point of view….let me know when you need a female’s 6 reasons to watch!!

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