6 Reasons We Don’t Have a New Episode (YET)

Hello Spud-nation!

Jeff and I have been trying very hard to record and release an episode for you guys. We’ve tried several times in the last two weeks, but LIFE has reared it’s ugly head a few times too many. So here’s SIX (semi-good) reasons we haven’t released an episode yet:

  • PEOPLE: They keep wanting to socialize with Joe on prime-time recording nights, making it impossible to sit down w/ Jeff.
  • MODERATION: While socializing in the real world, Joe sometimes forgets the “Liquor before Beer” rule. This renders him “inaudible”, for lack of a better word.
  • SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM: Joe’s in Atlanta, and Jeff is in California. The 3 hour time difference SUCKS. (Jeff can’t get drunk at 12pm -well, he could… but that would suck).
  • RIFT: It’s a game, and it’s incredibly addictive.
  • BATTERIES: Fuck batteries. I’ll explain: We were 50% through episode 40 and the battery on Joe’s recording device died somewhere in the middle of a rant.
  • QUALITY: We could release a fluffed 30 minute episode where we talk about the wonderful flavors of Sobe waters and go on & on about “How awesome BSG toast tastes (spit-slur)”. But we won’t do that to you guys. Our Spuds deserve only the finest, high-quality drunk discussions two guys ever had over the interwebs.
But don’t worry, Spuds. We’re saying “fuck it!” to the cosmos and getting shit done. We’ve got some great stuff coming up. So hang in there, grab a beer and pull up some couch -because THE SPUDS ARE BACK!

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  • I love this line: We’re saying “fuck it!” to the cosmos and getting shit done.