Oscar Awards, Schmosker Awards – Behind the Colony Wall



Oscar Awards, Schmosker Awards – Behind the Colony Wall

Recorded February 3, 2016


  • First of all, the SpudBowl winner is Utah Get Me 2! (IAN) 11-6-0 as was Shawn but Shawn was 2nd place.
    • tshirts to be listed later, possibly a Funko Pop figure available
    • Miranda 3rd, Laura 4th, Joe 5th, Crazyman 6, Porsche Monkey 7, So Fire 7, Jeff 9, Carlos 10, Geno the Smiths 11, and Literary Chick 12. Only won 4 games.  
    • Ian contact us so we can get your mailing info and discuss what prize you would like.
  • Our Super Bowl Predictions and/or wants to win:
    • Jeff: Thinks Panthers, but wants Broncos so Manning will retire and go the hell away.
    • Joe: Thinks Panthers but want a tie and everyone to break their legs.


  • More recent celeberity deaths:
  • Joe’s thoughts on Alexa after a couple months of ownership
  • FEEDBACK from 96 
    • voicemails from Shawn and Josh,
    • tweets from SoFire
    • Website comments from Porsche Monkey
  • Why is everyone pissed at the Oscars this time?
    • Jada Pinkett Smith Returning to Gotham



      • Premiere, 1.35m viewers GERONIMO vs RED HATS 
      • How tall is that wall? colonywall
      • A BLAB video replay of episode 4 HERE
      • Premiere, 4.82m viewers
  • X-Files )Fox) 
    • Picked up like it never left the airwaves
      • Premiere, 3.14m viewers
      • one little fix at a time to become legends instead of losers

OUR OSCAR PREDICTIONS (only for the categories that really matter)

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