080 Couch Potato Podcast – Ice Bucket Challenged


August 24, 2014 

Ice Bucket Challenged

This time on The Couch:

Celebrity Dead Pool

Ice Bucket Challenge fad/craze

  • This will make you realize it’s a worthy cause:

New SWTOR Digs

Couch Potato Podcast Fantasy Draft: Wed. Sept. 3



Under the Dome (CBS)

      • spoiler alert: [19:24]-[22:36]

The Strain(FX)

      • Apparently they ARE vampires.. thanks, Sofire!
      • Flush your Junk? No Problem, Ken!
      • renewed for season 2 as of 8/19

Naked and Afraid

Face Off (Syfy)

      • Now using the TPI (Twitter Popularity Index)
      • Judges compete in September, with help of fan favorites.

Dr. Who Returns

Epic Ink

      • Cool tattoos of geeky stuff

Rectify (Sundance)

The Leftovers (HBO)

      • spoiler alert: [46:09]-[46:48]

Hell on wheels



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