061 Couch Potato Podcast – Force Push the Pusher-Man


Force Push the Pusher-Man

This time on the couch Joe and Jeff discuss:


Damn the Pusherman

More Star Wars news (Director announced – JJ Abrams)

Special F/X folks up in arms

Any good app discoveries since last episode?

  • “Mailbox”
  • Candy Crush
  • Wunderlist
  • Apps Gone Free

Joes new mug!

Happy Belated Birthday to Miranda!



From Jackie Levesque @baciiv

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the marshmallows!! 🙂


  • @couchpotatocast Gotta say the new PS4 announcement got me very moist,but I think Id be just as good with one of the (soon to be) old system


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Cooler bad guy?  (Joe has confused the bad guy (Ron Ellard) with a semi bad guy (Michael Syoyanov)

Something is wrong with Raylan! Not the bad ass we remember!

Spoiler alert – Corbin Bernsen isn’t dead, Shawn and Gus still funny

Quick Shoutout to Oddball Shows

Cancelled after only two airings
Lowest Rated show debut ever

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