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Little People Big Swords

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Jeff’s Pick: Level 26 Series

This time on the couch Joe and Jeff discuss:

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SoFire via Facebook:

    So I’m just back from watching the Avengers Assemble in 3D Imax and I absolutely loved it!
    Simple but effective story, lots of exciting action and very funny. Didn’t even notice the 2 and a half hours go by. If you can see it at an Imax then do so because it’s worth it. Do NOT wait for this to come out on DVD to watch it or you’ll regret it. As Joe and Jeff would say STFM!

Cinnepolis Comes to the OC

Joe’s New Computer: No longer Windows 95

    Plays Diablo so nothing else matters!

Shawn via Twitter:
(Re: Walking Dead from episode 50)
No Way Joe! Shane on TWD was awesome! He will be missed at my house
~Voicemails~ The Wonderful and Wild Whites of West Virginia



    Game of Thrones
    Crazy pregnant witch
    King of the North!!
    Valar Morghulis



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