048 Couch Potato Podcast – 2nd Anniversary Show


2nd Anniversary Show

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This time on the couch Joe and Jeff discuss:

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It’s our two year anniversary on March 13th: Be sure to tweet us your congrats, email, Facebook, Google+, etc.
This is basically a free flowing episode with no true Crux.

iPad 3 is out, meh!


From @SoFire Bill Murray turns down Ghostbusters 3

From @shawnzulma: Norman Reedus on ‘The Walking Dead’ @couchpotatocast Will Merle return?

What’d you watch this week?

FACEOFF – We make our predictions for the winner.

WALKING DEAD: Getting caught up and Hating Lori

COMIC BOOK MEN – AMC, premiered 2/12
Joe’s GetGlue review:

THE RIVER: Thoughts leading up to the finale.

Breaking In coming back? Why?

Awake finally aired…Our thoughts.

Touch finally out for real this time.

Southland…’Nuff Said!


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