045 Couch Potato Podcast – We Got No Crux


We Got No Crux

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This time on the couch Joe and Jeff discuss:

Grievances Contest Entries
Porche Primate Wins the Bazinga Shirt


    What’d you score on Christmas this year?
    Kindle Fire: Not too shabby 🙂
    New addiction: Fruit Ninja, Amazon Prime movies/tv


    Season Finales:
    Bag of Bones
    2 Broke Girls (CBS) – Taking Heat for Potty Mouths and Stereotyping
    Hawaii Five-O (CBS) – Still a fun show.
    Work It (ABC) – Pulled after 2 LAME Episodes
    A Gifted Man (CBS) Hey On Demand, how about the first two episodes?
    Californification (Showtime)
    House of Lies (Showtime) – Jeff’s enjoying it now that it’s actually showing the nasty parts.
    Shameless (Showtime) – Want to feel good about your family? Watch this!
    The Firm (NBC) – Gimme more of the “REAL” story each week.
    The Finder (Fox) – Fun to watch. Joe wants a recast of the main character.
    Fringe (Fox) – Stop messing with it. Let us watch it without interruption.
    Hell on Wheels (AMC) – Jeff likes this for some reason, Joe won’t give it a chance. Give us your feedback on it.
    Alcatraz (Fox) – Good so far, but will it last?
    Justified (FX) – HELL YEAH! More thoughts on this in future episodes.
    Southland (TNT) – Watch it Damit!!!
    White Collar (USA) – Joe thinks Suits is better (Remember when he bashed Suits)


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