029 Couch Potato Podcast – Lohan Lows and A-Rod Mows


Lohan Lows and A-Rod Mows


This week on the couch Joe and Jeff discuss:

    o iTunes reviews & discuss
    o Feedback:
    # Blackberry shoutout!
    Quick News Segment:
    Celeb Deaths: Jack la Lane, John Dye, Zsa Zsa the next to go?
    Guitar Hero: NO MORE. Activision drops out of the battle of the bands.

Pre Crucks:
Favorite Super Bowl ads from 2011? See them all here.


    o TV Hotties Send in your nominations for the hottie list Male or Female
    o The Cape “Goggles & Hicks” – Our favorite episode so far!
    + Possibly cancelled, but NBC reduced number of episodes already
    # Follow Hicks on Twitter: @ChadLindberg
    # Goggles is the fat guy that does that weird thing w/ his eyes
    o Harry’s Law
    # Christopher McDonald (I’m Tommy Jefferson! Grrr)
    o Being Human
    + Sam meets a Douchebag werewolf


    o Case 39


    o PS3 – SEQUEL TIME Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2, Little Big Planet 2
    + Still looking for the “HOLY SHIT I’M GLAD I GOT PS MOVE” game
    o DC Universe Online
    + My son is looking for a trial code. If you have one, please help a spud out.

Maximum Horror

The music for this episode can be found at Music Alley

Comments, criticisms, and feedback welcome.

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028 Couch Potato Podcast – Egypt Needs A Batman


Egypt Needs a Batman


This week on the couch Joe and Jeff discuss:
* Joe’s going bald for a cause. Wanna help. Click HERE.
* Website Woes
* Holly Wood the Pinewood Derby Limo

* TV Talk:

    Harry’s Law (NBC)
    Lights Out (F/X)
    The Cape (NBC)
    Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (Starz)
    Off the Map (ABC)

    BBC Ripoffs:
    Shameless (Showtime)
    Being Human (SyFy)
    Skins (MTV)

*Quick Movie Discussions

    Piranha 3D
    Grown Ups
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    I’m Still Here
    DVD Rentals Missing Special Features