Comic Con 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010So now that you’ve had a few days to digest all the news from the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, we’d love to hear your thoughts. What new movie or TV show are you most excited about? Our 16th birthday episode is coming soon and we want it to be chock full of Comic Con geekness. Give us your thoughts here by commenting below, or tweet us here. Better yet, call in your responses to the Spudline: 949-436-SPUD (7783).

Again, we apologize for the delay in getting our 16th birthday episode, but hey, we’re spoiled brats that can do anything we want.
Our daddies said so!

Dexter season 5 trailer

Mark your calendars! Dexter returns on September 26th.  Check out the trailer for season 5 below.

Sylar action figure giveaway! (SDCC w/e only!)

(UPDATE: Contest Closed, thanks for playing!)

Are you at San Diego Comic Con this weekend? Plan on rubbing elbows w/ your favorite celebs and artist from the geek realm?

Get us a damn bumper! Seriously 🙂

If you can get ANY guest of #SDCC to call our voice-mail (949)436-SPUD, and give us a bumper… You’re entered to win a Sylar (HEROES) action figure from Jeff.

Not at #SDCC? Don’t worry, you can play too! It’ll just be harder.

Need an example of a bumper? Read on, true believers.

“Hi this is __________ , (from _______) and you’re listening to Joe & Jeff on the Couch Potato Podcast! <Whatever else they’d like to say>

“Hello, this is ___________, and I always start my day w/ two heaping scoops of Jeff & Joe on the Couch Potato Podcast!”

“Hey, this is _____ – WTF is a Couch Potato Podcast?”

You get the point, whatever the bumper is –just make sure they say their name 🙂
Now that you’ve gotten a bumper, leave a comment and say who you’ve gotten a bumper from. Or you can tweet us!

The Party’s Not Over (YET)!

Party Down Cancelled

As you may have heard by now, Starz has decided not to renew Party Down for a third season. This is your chance to sound off. Leave your comments about Party Down and we will forward them to the powers that be. We have no delusions that our 6 listeners will force them to change their mind but we’re using our soapbox to let ’em know we are PISSED! So have at it! Post your comments below.

015 Couch Potato Podcast – Hot Chicks, Buff Dudes, and Elvis: The Sequels


Hot Chicks, Buff Dudes, and Elvis: The Sequels

Click Play Below or Right-Click Here To Download


This week on the couch Joe and Jeff discuss:
* Party Down – NO Season 3
* The Party’s NOT over (yet).
[Since recording, Starz has taken Party Down off of Netflix Instant Streaming]
* What movies need sequels.
* Entertainment News
– New Spiderman: Andrew Garfield
– Last Airbender: Skip It!
– John Travolta: Badass in From Paris with Love.
– Friday Night Lights: Jeff has LOVED this show since season one!
— Save it by watching it. [After recording this episode it was nominated for several Emmys including Best Actor (Kyle Chandler) and Best Actress (Connie Britton)]
* Steve Carell leaving The Office
* Chris Klein arrested for DUI (Douchebag Driver)
* Tommy Lee Jones to show up in Captain America movie.

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Jeff Pub Crawls with Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler on Facebook

Check out the trailer for Sigler’s latest book, Ancestor.

The music for this episode can be found at Music Alley

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