100 Episodes and One Corey (Feldman) – CPP100


100 Episodes and Still Only One Corey (Feldman) 

Recorded June, 2016

100 Episodes and Still Only One Corey (Feldman)

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  • 100 Episodes later and Corey Feldman is still with us
  • 100 episodes… What’s next?
    • What have we given the world in the last 6 years?
      • STFM -your welcome
      • The Dead Pool
      • Wheel of SPUD!
      • Bloody Mary-type Grandma Spirits
      • Dead or Not Dead
      • Sparkle (Self-appointed Internet Sensation)
        • If Sparkle were real: This would be him
      • We brought back “T-T-T-Talkabout” …TV
      • GetGlue and now Telfie
  • Dear Smuggler’s Bounty (Funko) subscription box [15:00]
    • Please make a modern fit shirt for fuck’s sake. Your shirts look like potato sacks.
    • Don’t call you shit exclusive if you’re gonna sell them later. AND FUCK YO FLOCK
  • SWoLong, Swtor …paid subscription! [17:00] 
  • FEEDBACK and Shoutouts
    • SoFire’s Hate Mail on our Facebook Page and Shawn’s Comments from the Website
  • Voicemails
    • Josh and Javier
    • Aimee, Jackie, Chris, and Jess (aka Trixie)



Banshee (Final season)

Eliza Dushku half naked – ‘nuff said DushkuHalfNude


      • This has to be De Niro’s funniest role. Ever.
      • It made Jeff like Zac Effron
      • Parks & Rec’s Aubrey Plaza steals every scene she’s in
      • The Intern
      • The Fake Neighbors 3 was better  
      • Daughters and Dildos, OH MY
        • Always abide by the no veins rule
      • Another Zac Attack
      • ChloeGraceChloë Grace Moretz and her creepy daddy; Frazier Crane
      • More Rogen, but with the bonus of some Falcon, JGL and Lizzie Caplan
      •  50/50 the movie where JGL gets cancer and Rogan helps him through it.
      • After 10 minutes you forget you’re looking at Professor X & Harry Potter
      • Not quite STFM, but Joe enjoyed it
    • Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood, and JERRY FREAKING LEWIS

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