065 Couch Potato Podcast – Domeland Security


Domeland Security

This time on the couch Joe and Jeff discuss:

Superman t-shirt Contest winner: Steven (or Steve) from New Mexico
Fantasy Football getting underway!
Cool prize for the winner: Let me know if you haven’t received your invite?
Vaping! Jeff’s got a new toy!
Do any listeners have experience with vaping, or “e-cigs”? Let us know! What’s your favorite e-juice?
Roll the referral link:
Joe’s got TV again (DirecTV to be exact)

TV TALK (Summer Series)
Dexter / Ray Donovan
Crossing Lines
The Bridge
Face Off
– Contest (#SpudsForRoy)
Get Out Alive (Bear Grylls)
Bar Rescue
Tattoo Rescue
Under The Dome

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
-Nathan Fillion
-Should have made a District 9 Sequel instead

All Contests open to the Lower 48 US residents only. Unless you pay for your own shipping.

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  • Porsche Monkey

    Hi Spuds, Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on this years Fantasy Football. Also “Under The Dome” tv and “Under The Dome” the book are very different, once you have read and seen both you’ll know what I’m taking about.