066 Couch Potato Podcast – Ben Affleck’d My Batman


Ben Affleck’d My Batman

This time on the couch Joe and Jeff discuss:

Fantasy Football

Ben Affleck and Batman
Twitter whiners
Brian Cranston as Lex Luthor?

Contest recaps – current ways to win a random shirt from Jeff

HTC One ordered

SWTOR – Shawn is back?

Jeff’s been into some really weird shit.

    Warning: Watching Jon Taffer for extended lengths will make you a different kind of patron.

Face Off

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Heroes of Cosplay

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  • JCamp30

    Agreed! Billy Zane would have to drop a few as of recently – but YES!

  • Porsche Monkey

    I have no problem with Ben as Batman but I think Billy Zane would be a great Lex Luthor